Postdoctoral Scholars — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. Are searches required for Postdoctoral Scholar appointments?
2. Can I hire an individual without a PhD in a Postdoctoral Scholar position?
3. How many years total can an individual be appointed in a Postdoctoral Scholar title at UC?
4. Does this labor contract require a specific length of time for a Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment?
5. Can Postdoctoral Scholars be appointed at less than 100% time?
6. Is the University required to provide the Postdoctoral Scholar with an appointment letter?

Salary and Funding

7. What are the salary requirements for Postdoctoral Scholars?
8. May a PI change the Postdoctoral Scholar's anniversary date?
9. Can I provide a merit increase for my Postdoctoral Scholar in addition to the required salary increase negotiated in this Agreement?
10. My Postdoctoral Scholar’s salary is supported by an extramural agency. Who will be responsible for funding the annual salary increase?
11. Why do we have different title codes for Postdoctoral Scholars Paid-Direct and Postdoctoral Scholars Fellow?
12. My Postdoctoral Scholar received a prestigious fellowship mid-year during his/her first-year appointment. The fellowship provides a two-year salary funding that includes a requirement for the University to supplement the Postdoctoral Scholar’s salary by a set amount that results in the Postdoctoral Scholar’s salary being above the base salary at his/her appropriate experience level. Once this fellowship funding expires, am I required to continue this salary supplement?
13. If the grant funding from which I am supporting my Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment runs out of money, what process do I need to follow to end my Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment before the appointment end date stated in the Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment letter?

Benefits and Leaves

14. Are Postdoctoral Scholars eligible for benefits and who pays for their benefits?
15. Are Postdoctoral Scholars eligible for any University retirement plans?
16. Are there any specific workload limits, such as number of hours per week that a Postdoctoral Scholar can work?
17. How much vacation does a Postdoctoral Scholar have during a one-year appointment?
18. Does a Postdoctoral Scholar have any sick leave?
19. Do Postdoctoral Scholars get any University-paid holidays?
20. Is a Postdoctoral Scholar eligible for paid Jury Duty leave?
21. Can a Postdoctoral Scholars request a day off to observe a religious holiday?
22. Are Postdoctoral Scholars eligible for a leave of absence, such as a Family Medical Leave?
23. How many days can a Postdoctoral Scholar be off work due to a death in the family?
24. Are there any forms a Postdoctoral Scholar needs to fill out to request a leave of absence?


25. How often is a Postdoctoral Scholar’s performance evaluated?
26. What is the process I need to follow if a Postdoctoral Scholar is not performing up to stated expectations in his/her research efforts?

Health and Safety

27. What do I do if my Postdoctoral Scholar refuses to perform a work assignment because s/he believes it is hazardous or s/he has not been properly trained?

Collective Bargaining Agreement/UAW

28. What is the role of UAW, the Union which represents Postdoctoral Scholars, in terms of Postdoctoral Scholar appointments?
29. How does the collective bargaining agreement impact the mentoring relationship with my Postdoctoral Scholar?

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