Academic Administrators

This list is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all administrative positions on the campus, but is primarily intended to indicate administrators with academic personnel responsibilities in each academic unit.

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Arts | Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Dean | Stephen F. Barker

Associate Deans | Molly Lynch, Vincent Olivieri, John Crawford

Kevin Appel, ChairDepartment of Art
Lisa Naugle, ChairDepartment of Dance
Daniel Busby, ChairDepartment of Drama
Michael Dessen, ChairDepartment of Music
Biologial Sciences | Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences

Dean | Frank LaFerla

Associate Deans | David Gardiner, Brandon Gaut,  Michael Leon, Michael Mulligan

Business | The Paul Merage School of Business

Dean | Eric R. Spangenberg

Senior Associate Dean | Mary Gilly

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs | Vidyanand Choudhary

Associate Dean of Masters Programs | Gerardo Okhuysen

Associate Dean of Research and Doctoral Studies | Terry Shevlin

Continuing Education | Division of Continuing Education
Dean | Gary Matkin

Associate Dean | Charles (Tony) Smith

Education | School of Education

Dean | Richard Arum

Associate Dean | Elizabeth van Es

Engineering | The Henry Samueli School of Engineering

Dean | Gregory Washington

Associate Deans | Michael Green, Faryar Jabbari, Fadi Kurdahi

Abraham Lee, ChairDepartment of Biomedical Engineering
Vasan Venugopalan, ChairDepartment of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
C. Sunny Jiang, ChairDepartment of Civil & Environmental Engineering
H. Kumar Wickramasinghe, ChairDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Derek Dunn-Rankin, ChairDepartment of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
G.P. Li DirectorIntegrated Nanosystem Research Facility
Graduate Division

Dean | Frances Leslie

Associate Dean | Susan Coutin

Health Sciences | The Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs | Alan L. Goldin

A. Richard Chamberlin, ChairDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Oladele Ogunseitan, ChairProgram in Public Health / Department of Population Health & Disease Prevention

Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs | Alan L. Goldin

Dean | Adey Nyamathi

Associate Dean | Susanne Phillips

School of Medicine

Dean | Michael J. Stamos

Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs | Alan L. Goldin

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Clinical | Julianne Toohey

Department of Anatomy & NeurobiologyChristine Gall, Chair
Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative CareScott Engwall, Chair
Department of Biological ChemistryPeter Kaiser, Chair
Department of DermatologyChristopher Zachary, Chair
Department of Emergency MedicineJ. Christian Fox, Chair
Department of EpidemiologyKaren Edwards, Chair
Department of Family MedicineCynthia Haq, Interim Chair
Department of MedicineAlpesh Amin, Chair
Department of Microbiology & Molecular GeneticsRozanne Sandri-Goldin, Chair
Department of Neurological SurgeryFrank P. K. Hsu, Chair
Department of NeurologyTahseen Mozaffar, Interim Chair
Department of Obstetrics & GynecologyRobert Bristow, Chair
Department of OphthalmologyBaruch Kuppermann, Chair
Department of Orthopaedic SurgeryNitin Narain Bhatia, Interim Chair
Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck SurgeryWilliam Armstrong, Chair
Department of Pathology & Laboratory MedicineEdwin Monuki, Chair
Department of PediatricsKhanh Van Le-Bucklin, Interim Chair
Department of PharmacologyOlivier Civelli, Chair
Department of Physical Medicine & RehabilitationFrank Hsu, Chair
Department of Physiology & BiophysicsMichael Cahalan, Chair
Department of Plastic SurgeryGregory Evans, Chair
Department of Psychiatry & Human BehaviorRuth Benca, Chair
Department of Radiation OncologyNilam Ramsinghani, Chair
Department of Radiological SciencesAlpesh Amin, Interim Chair
Department of SurgeryNinh Nguyen, Chair
Beckman Laser InstituteBruce Tromberg, Director
Department of UrologyJaime Landman, Chair
Humanities | School of Humanities

Dean | Georges Van Den Abbeele

Associate Dean of Academic Personnel | Andrzej Warminski

Associate Dean of Curriculum and Student Affairs | Yong Chen

Associate Dean of Research | Julia Lupton

Bridget Cooks, ChairDepartment of African American Studies
Cecile Whiting, ChairDepartment of Art History
Judy Wu, Chair
Department of Asian American Studies
P. Andrew Zissos, ChairDepartment of Classics
Nasrin Rahimieh, ChairDepartment of Comparative Literature
Michael Fuller, ChairDepartment of East Asian Languages & Literature
Michael F. Szalay, ChairDepartment of English
David Pan, ChairDepartment of European Languages & Studies
Peter Krapp, ChairDepartment of Film & Media Studies
Jennifer Terry, ChairDepartment of Gender & Sexuality Studies
David Igler,ChairDepartment of History
Annalisa Coliva, ChairDepartment of Philosophy
Luis Aviles, ChairDepartment of Spanish & Portuguese
Rodrigo Lazo, DirectorHumanities Core Course
Julia Lupton, DirectorHumanities Out There (HOT)
Robin Scarcella, DirectorProgram in Academic English
Susan Klein, DirectorProgram in Religious Studies
Information & Computer Sciences | Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

Dean | Marios Papaefthymiou

Associate Deans | Paul Dourish, Gopi Meenakshisundaram, David Redmiles

Alexandru Nicolau, ChairDepartment of Computer Science
Rina Dechter, Vice ChairDepartment of Computer Science — Systems
Andre van der Hoek, ChairDepartment of Informatics
Dan Gillen, ChairDepartment of Statistics
Law | School of Law

Dean | L. Song Richardson

Associate Deans | Mario Barnes, Carrie Hempel, Jessica Wimer, Stephen Lee, Trilby Robinson-Dorn

University Librarian | Lorelei Tanji

Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services | Kevin Ruminson

Associate University Librarian for Research Resources | John Renaud

Associate University Librarian for Public Services | Alison Regan

Physical Sciences | School of Physical Sciences

Dean | Kenneth C. Janda

Associate Deans | Roger McWilliams, David Van Vranken

James Nowick, ChairDepartment of Chemistry
Gudrun Magnusdottir, ChairDepartment of Earth System Science
Hong-Kai Zhao, ChairDepartment of Mathematics
James Bullock, ChairDepartment of Physics & Astronomy
Research | Office of Research — Centers and Institutes

Vice Chancellor for Research | Pramod Khargonekar

For a complete list of Centers and Institutes, please visit the Office of Research website at:

Social Ecology | School of Social Ecology

Dean | Nancy Guerra

Associate Dean |Wendy Goldberg

Social Sciences | School of Social Sciences

Dean | William Maurer

Associate Deans | Mark Petracca, Michael McBride

Kim Fortun, ChairDepartment of Anthropology
Louis Desipio, ChairDepartment of Chicano/Latino Studies
Ramesh Srinivasan, ChairDepartment of Cognitive Sciences
Jeffrey Krichmar, Acting ChairDepartment of Cognitive Sciences
William Branch, ChairDepartment of Economics
Lisa Pearl, ChairDepartment of Linguistics
Preston Kyle Stanford, ChairDepartment of Logic & Philosophy of Science
Jeffrey Kopstein, ChairDepartment of Political Science
Matthew Huffman, ChairDepartment of Sociology
Undergraduate Education | Division of Undergraduate Education

Dean | Michael Dennin

Associate Dean | Victoria Basolo, Donald Dabdub

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